A Message From BATS

  • Posted on: 29 October 2020
  • By: alazja_kirk


A message from BATS Instructors:

The election is right around the corner. If we pay attention to the news, it's easy to focus on everything that divides us. Plus, being at home because of Covid  makes it easy to feel isolated and disengaged. It's hard to remember what cooperation looks like, what collaboration feels like, and what inspired creativity can make possible.

At BATS Improv, you will find all three. In classes, we practice generosity, playfulness and support.  We develop skills of attention and positivity. You'll meet new people, create a space of playfulness and engage positively with your heart, mind and imagination. At shows, you'll bear witness to creative collaboration in action, and engage with the amazing community at BATS.

Be on the lookout for our weekly/monthly Newsletters, or visit www.improv.org to find our next available class or show. We hope to see you soon!