A Heartwarming Message From Lisa: Thoughts on Gratitude

  • Posted on: 16 December 2020
  • By: alazja_kirk


Hi all!

My word of 2020 is Gratitude. Gratitude for the things that weren't wrong this year. Gratitude for the ways I continually feel the support of the people around me. And Gratitude for YOU, our community, for showing up, showing love, and keeping us afloat. Gratitude is where I turn when I find myself overwhelmed by frustration, sadness, or anger that things are the way they are.

Patricia Ryan Madson's book, Improv Wisdom, has a chapter entitled 'Wake Up To The Gifts.' And in it, she has a directive for us: 
"Look around: give thanks, give credit, encourage, and never stop; become liberal with your praise and acknowledgment of others, including strangers and not excluding family members. Cultivate a generosity of speech. Be extravagant with your positive findings. Watch your world grow rich as you appreciate it and speak about it often."

It's quite natural to notice the things that are not going well, especially in a year that's been so topsy-turvy. And it takes discipline to see the gifts. The blessings. The pieces that are all going right.
A student in a class I taught recently said something remarkable. It was a class called The Grateful Improviser and was all about genuinely appreciating the offers that your partner brings to the table. After an exercise, she said, "When we are playing from a place of gratitude, it's easier to feel like we're all on the same team." And that felt profound. Gratitude connects us. May we be better and better teammates for one another.

From BATS to all of you out there, we send you thanks, love, warmth, and wishes for a bright 2021.