Imagine the Unimaginable: Improvised Story

  • Posted on: 17 February 2021
  • By: alazja_kirk

Charlie woke up.


He didn’t know where he was. He looked around and realized he was in some sort of BASEMENT.

There were SO MANY DRAGONS in this basement.

Charlie did not know how he got there.

The basement was so big that you could fit another house inside it

Just then, a big WITCH appeared in front of Charlie 

and she was called the “World Witch”

And the World Witch said ,”If you do 3 jobs, I will send you to UNICORN LAND, where you can do anything you want: you can get CAKE, you can DO anything you want, and you can HAVE anything you want. 

Here are the 3 jobs you must do:

Help me turn other people bad

Make all the dragons bad

Help me make the most beautiful unicorn statue

Charlie said NO!

The World Witch said, “look into my eyes.”

Charlie does that and he gets HYPNOTIZED. “What should I do ma’am?”

The World Witch said, “You have to make ANOTHER WORLD and I will not tell you how! AND, You have to make it in one day!”

And then she disappeared!

The hypnotized Charlie he tried to make another world. He tried to make the world into ANOTHER WORLD.

But that didn’t work. Charlie thought he had magical powers, but he did not.  

“Hmmmm, let’s take these 2 giants bricks and smash them together!”

That didn’t work either!

He tried everything - and nothing worked.

He turned around and bumped into something.

The witch was INVISIBLE!

Charlie told the witch GO AWAY!

He realized he was now DEHYPNOTIZE and that the witch was evil

There were DRAGONS in the corner, hiding away from the witch. They came over to help Charlie!

And then a TRAP DOOR opened - And a Happy moose and an Angry moose came out of the the trap door!

And then Charlie called IRON MAN who also agreed to come help!

The World Witch would not back down. “I am a MEAN EVIL WITCH! Get out of my way!”

The dragons used fire breath on her!

The Witch’s eyes got foggy from the dragons breath and could not see where she was.

“Oh no,” the Witch says, “I’m lost!” 

Just then, Iron Man THREW HER into space and she was never seen again!

Angry moose & Happy moose did a happy dance which created a portal that only opens for 5 seconds.

And Charlie ran through the open portal, passed through the EMOTION WORLD, did a very short back flip 



great story!