Impropedia - Fri April 16, 2021

Suspense, education, entertainment
Potsdam's most popular improv show is back and 
coming straight to your home!
Impropedia is the unique combination of interview and improv. An expert shares her*his wealth of experience along with some anecdotes. Improv actors are challenged to spontaneous scenes and weave the things they heard into stories. If they listen well enough, the improvisators can answer the exam questions at the end to acquire the Impropedia diploma.
Whether or not they graduate summa cum laude, in the end the audience wins - insight into Potsdam's world of experts, freshly improvised scenes and a night of colorful theater.
The KuZe stage is replaced by a video conference tool. The audience participates right from their own couch (sweatpants allowed), interacting with chat master Sara. The show will be in English
This edition will feature illustrious players from BATS Improv (San Francisco, USA):
Stream the show here: 


April 16th, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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