Complaint Form

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This form is for filing complaints about the behavior of one or more specific BATS community members, and it is the first step towards formally requesting support. Please review the BATS Conflict Process document for more information about what will happen once you complete this form. If you have accessibility issues or other difficulties completing this form you can email to make arrangements for someone to complete the form on your behalf.

This form is not the best choice when:

  • Providing feedback or complaints about general cultural issues, in this case please email

Before proceeding, please acknowledge the following about this form and this process:

  • BATS has implemented Community Standards and a Harassment and Discrimination Policy which everyone in our community is required to adhere to in support of our Mission, Vision and Values and our Equity Action Plan.
  • This Complaints Form is an integral part of our Conflict Process which ensures that the BATS community feels safe and free from harassment. These tools and processes are intended to support the BATS Peer Council/HR leaders as well as staff, employees, company members, coaches, board members, guest artists, and students and audience members. It is applicable to breaks from the Community Standards as well as to other forms of conflict.
  • Confidentiality: Data that you submit will be kept in a password protected database and access will be restricted to individuals who are directly involved in addressing the complaint. Personal details such as name and contact information will not be shared outside of the individual(s) directly involved in addressing the complaint. Aggregate demographic information may be used to track and report on our progress addressing conflict overall. Submission of demographic data is optional.
  • What to expect after submitting this form: The BATS Peer Council Director will assign a case manager who will be in touch with you to discuss next steps within three business days of receipt of the submission.
  • Please note that as the Peer Council is still being formed at this time, if you send this form now it will be triaged by Hannah Henderson, Managing Director of BATS.
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