News Flash on Talkin' BATS

  • Posted on: 23 September 2021
  • By: alazja_kirk


Greetings BATS Improv fans! We are thrilled to be announcing our return to IN PERSON performances at the Bayfront Theater starting Saturday October 2!

You may have acclimated to our summer schedule (Friday night shows - Online Only) so we want to spell out our current plan so you can calibrate your improv-o-meter(tm) and catch one of our shows in the way that works best for you.

We will be continuing Online Shows!
Friday September 24, catch "Blank Virtually" - 8pm online - log in before 8:00 at
Thursday October 28, catch a special online-only version of "Improvised Black Mirror" directed by Zoe Galvez
We will periodically do additional shows (including student shows) online as well. Stay Tuned!

Saturdays in October!
Starting Saturday Oct 2, catch "Improvised Twilight Zone" on stage at the Bayfront Theater every Saturday Night at 8pm!

Future shows, formats and schedules will be announced soon.

Make sure to get tickets in advance and get vaccinated, so you can join us in the theater for our first shows since COVID arrived.

We are thrilled to be back together, on stage, improvising and look forward to seeing you... in the (improvised) Twilight Zone!


Wasn't allowed to sign up to watch tonite! Anyway, have very much enjoyed all your online shows and hope you will continue to do them sometimes - do you send emails out to let us know?