Community Photo Submission - Bulk Upload

If you have a small number of photographs, please use the individual photo submission uploader instead. That's the easiest way for us to work with your images, and it will save us time.

You may also share photos with BATS Improv by uploading them to your Flickr account, licensing them as Attribution - Creative Commons, and then adding BATS Improv from the Add People option. Please help us by including a full description, especially including the names of any people you know in your image. (This is actually our favorite option since we use Flickr to manage our images anyway!)

Please complete this .xlsx spreadsheet (or make your own based on the information in the individual uploader) to tell us about your individual photos, and then preferably upload a single zip archive containing your photos along with the completed spreadsheet. Thank you so much, and we are so excited to see your images!