BATS 2023 Challenge

  • Posted on: 21 November 2023
  • By: rebekah_355

Hello BATS community,

This year we are opening up our BATS Challenge to the BAT community, company members, coaches, board members, staff, students, and audience members. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000!

It’s a simple 3 day challenge over the course of 2 and half weeks starting November 23rd and concludes at the Holiday Party December 11, 2023.


STEP 1. Pick a fun, easy activity to do 3 times. Get creative, goofy and have fun with this. (scroll down to see ideas)

STEP 2. Set up your fundraising page on the BATS website.

STEP 3. Post on social media that you are participating in the BATS 3 Things Challenge. Ask people to sponsor you: “I’m going to do this activity 3 times. Will you sponsor me by donating to BATS?” Tag your post as #BATSimprov. Goal is to raise $150 in 3 weeks.

STEP 4. November 23rd the Challenge kicks off, but you can start any day between 11/23-12/8. Do your activity 3 times between Nov 23rd and December 11th. For the first $150 raised, each fundraiser will receive 2 raffle tickets to use at the Holiday Party December 11th. For every additional $50 raised, the fundraiser will receive an additional raffle ticket. Fundraisers must be present at the Holiday Party to participate in the raffle. 

STEP 5. Each time you do your activity, take a photo or video and post it on social media with the tag #BATSimprov and a link to your fundraising page.

STEP 6. Come celebrate the campaign, participate in the raffle, and swap stories with us at the BATS holiday party on December 11th at BATS Theatre!

We’re here to help -- don’t hesitate to reach out with questions to

Let's have fun with this, people! 

P.S. BATS is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization. So every donation is tax deductible.


Inspirations/Suggestions for activities you can do:

  • Share your favorite holiday recipes 3 times (maybe even show you making one of them)
  • Dress up your pet in 3 different holiday costumes
  • Hike 3 miles 3 times
  • Go to 3 of your favorite places in the city
  • Post your favorite inspirational quotes on social media 3 times
  • Record 3 of your favorite holiday songs and post on social media
  • Dress up in costume 3 times and post to social media
  • Write 3 poems and share to social media or closest friends
  • Play an improv game with 3 friends 3 times
  • Create 3 fun craft projects and share online
  • Your activity can be literally ANYTHING that’s fun and easy for you to accomplish 3 times! 



  • Q: Where do I send people to donate? 
    • A: Sign up if you aren’t already through civi crm and create a page HERE. If you need help email
  • Q: Can I raise more than $150?
    • A: Definitely yes
  • Q: Can I do my activity with another BATS person? 
    • A: Sure, go for it! 
  • Q: Can I email people instead of posting on social media?
    • A: Yes, that’s just fine


If you are unable to participate and would like to donate a prize to the raffle that is also encouraged. If you would like to participate and donate, also very much appreciated.