Come PLAY for $5 at 5pm!

  • Posted on: 8 September 2020
  • By: alazja_kirk

Do you miss playing but don’t want to sign up for a whole class? Want to get some practice and have some fun in a low-key way? Come play with us this Saturday! It’s low-key, it’s lots of scenes, and it’s for YOU.

Our first ever community jam is happening this Saturday at 5pm! It’s an experiment, so if it’s awesome, we’ll keep ‘em coming.  We’re excited about it as a way for YOU to connect with other BATS community members and get a quick improv fix in a low-key environment.

It’s only $5, and it’s for anyone who’s ever taken any class at BATS. Just finished your Foundation 1? Join us! Been taking classes for years and want to just get some practice in? Join us! 

The evening will be directed by Lisa Rowland, who will give suggestions and direction with a pretty light touch. Then, you'll get to spend the hour improvising with new people and old friends in pairs and small groups.  Everyone has the option to stay and hang out afterwards, so you can grab your favorite beverage and chat it up with your new friends.

The takeaway? $5. 5pm. 

Sign up here!