BATS Improv End of The Year Fundraiser

  • Posted on: 7 October 2020
  • By: alazja_kirk


Hello folks!

As always, I hope you are doing well - that you are letting little things in the world delight you, that you find ways to give your days shape and flow, that your loved ones feel close and that you and yours are healthy.  

As the year ends, we are looking to make one more push for health and survival of this organization that means so much to so many, and we would love your help. 

We are setting a very ambitious fundraising goal to carry us into a bright and shining future of changing lives through improv.  We are hoping to raise $65,000 by the end of the year!! I have seen this community come together before and I believe we can do it again. Read on for how to help!

And of course, a great FREE way to support BATS is to come see shows and spread the word. Tell your friends, recommend a class to them, tell your work team about our @Work program!

We love having you in our community and we hope to see you soon!