The Inside Scoop: You Just Hit The "Jackpot!"

  • Posted on: 31 March 2021
  • By: alazja_kirk


Looking for funny-Friday action? Do you want to know how you can help create the scenes you want to see? BATS has you covered! Watch show director, Ken Robertson, tell us everything we'd like to know about his upcoming show "Jackpot!"

We place your suggestions into the Jackpot Supercomputer, and let it roll. It randomly chooses the starting players, scene type, and suggestion, and we’re off! It’s a lightning-paced sure bet, bursting with the improvised short scenes you love.

Format created by BATS Alumni Jason Leal

Directed & hosted by Ken Robertson

John Remak
Rafe Chase
Rebecca Stockley
Derek Yee
Lisa Wang
Jenny Rosen